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Hotel Nettuno is a point of departure to visit the countryside of Romagna and to find out the colours and the flavours of a place linked to its tradition and its history. Hamlets and Middle Age castles are waiting for you with their history, their traditional cooking and their wine cellars.


Gradara is a Middle Age hamlet and it is famous for its fortress (Rocca Malatestiana) where the most important Italian families waged war against each other. It is the place where the lovers Paolo and Francesca fell in love. In Summer you can find a lot of historical shows.


Montefiore is a little hamlet with a fortress which overlooks an outstanding view from the seaside to San Marino. You can find live music, performances and taste itinerary.

San Leo

San Leo stands on a huge rocky pick from which you can enjoy one of the most beautiful view. You can see the valley of Marecchia river up to the sea. It welcomed Dante and San Francis of Assisi. You can visit a lot of places, for examples the fortress, the bell tower and the cathedral.

San Marino

San Marino is located at 750 meters high at the top of Mount Titano and it is perfect for shopping and art lovers. You can find a lot of shopping centres at the entrance of San Marino, while in the old city centre you can visit churches, palaces and museums. Not to be missed: the three towers, Piazza della Libertà where you can find Palazzo Pubblico (the government palace) and the Cava dei Balestrieri.

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